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How to Buy a Used Forklift from The Forktruck Warehouse

New forklifts are expensive pieces of equipment. If your business only uses a forklift for a few hours or less a day, it may be more economical to buy a used forklift. Before committing to buy you must firstly identify what type of truck you need. When comparing used forklifts for sale, it’s important to find a dependable machine, especially if your company relies on one for its daily operations.

Forklifts vary by brand, size and purpose. If you have previously owned a forklift, determine what aspects you liked and didn’t like about the forklift.

Always purchase a forklift that can handle at least the heaviest load, even if you rarely lift that much weight.

Forklifts vary in how high they can lift a load. Again, think in terms of at least your maximum height.

Engine forklifts are typically used outdoors, LPG trucks can be used outdoors and indoors, and electric lifts are used mainly indoors.

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Once you’ve picked a truck check how many hours the forklift has been used. Most machines have an hour counter that keeps track of its running time. The hours of operation are more important than the year model when it comes to buying a used forklift.

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