Focus on Jungheinrich Electric Forklifts from FTW

Jungheinrich electric counterbalances are the ideal choice for when efficiency, reliability, agility and power are paramount

With both new and used Jungheinrich electric forklift trucks, you can maximise your throughput in narrow-aisle warehouses. With 3-phase AC motors, Jungheinrich’s electric forklifts combine impressive performance with minimal energy consumption. In addition, you also have the choice between our cutting-edge Li-ion technology and tried-and-tested lead-acid batteries.

Jungheinrich electric forklift trucks shine in warehouses that have limited room to manoeuvre. Thanks to their small and compact design, they easily navigate the narrowest of aisles. These forklifts are ideally suited to level indoor floors but can also handle a wide variety of outdoor applications, giving you added flexibility when you need it. As a further benefit, the masts of Jungheinrich electric forklift trucks are perfect for both racking and stacking, reaching lift heights ranging from 2.3 to 7.5 meters with a lift capacity of up to five tons. In daily use, your drivers will enjoy numerous benefits offered by a Jungheinrich electric forklift, including enhanced seat comfort, a perfect all-round view and comprehensive safety assistance systems to protect the operator, the load and your warehouse.

Electric forklift trucks with 3-phase AC technology

Innovative 3-phase AC technology delivers a number of advantages. It ensures dynamic handling and maximum performance, even under heavy loads. Increased performance does not necessarily mean greater energy consumption either: Thanks to regenerative braking, 30 percent of the energy is recovered and fed back into the battery. This welcome energy boost allows Jungheinrich electric forklift trucks to complete even more work on a single charge. Another major benefit of the 3-phase AC motors in these forklifts is that they require very little maintenance, reducing potential down time and lowering your operating costs.

An extensive model line up and a host of options

Jungheinrich 3- and 4-wheel electric forklifts offer lift capacities from 1000kg to 5000kg and with a host of lift height and mast options available we are sure to have a machine to suit your application.