An Option that Stacks Up

Ask any business owner and he or she will tell you, one of the biggest expenses of any business is labour.

So, creating efficiencies in the workplace is critical to the success of your operation. The money you spend on labour to load and offload pallets, trucks and other jobs can add up very quickly. And if your business is paying employees to hand-load, you may be squandering precious resources unnecessarily.

Pedestrian pallet stackers and pallet trucks offer affordable efficiency for any business

Brand new materials handling equipment can be costly, especially heavy-duty equipment like counterbalance forklifts, narrow aisle machines and reach trucks.

Quality used equipment offers an affordable alternative to buying brand new. Plus, you can match the equipment to the size of the job it will be performing.

In many cases, a manual pallet stacker or electric pallet stacker is all you need to increase your labour productivity exponentially so that you can get more out your existing employees while simultaneously cutting down on work-related injuries and downtime.

Pallet stackers and pallet trucks can be either powered or manual. They are perfect for moving smaller palletized loads around a warehouse or manufacturing facility, and they eliminate the need for inefficient and dangerous hand loading and off-loading.

They offer versatility and increased productivity

Pallet trucks come in a variety of sizes, lengths and widths whilst pallet stackers can have varied lift heights, lift capacities and front leg variations. Some stackers offer full freelift.

Which type and size you need will depend on the application you are going to use it for.

The biggest benefits of pedestrian stackers are that they have very low running costs, emit no exhaust pollution or fumes, operate silently and offer better operational visibility.

Why you should consider a used pedestrian stacker

Pedestrian pallet stackers are also perfect for adding additional handling capacity for order fulfilment without having to invest in a brand-new forklift. They also can provide backup for your existing materials handling equipment.

Best of all, used pedestrian handlers are very affordable, and one can be found to fit any budget, no matter how small.

View our range of powered pallet trucks and stackers here or contact a member of the FTW team for further advice and options.

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