Affordable, Flexible Forklift Rental from FTW – The Forktruck Warehouse

In the world of logistics, peak times and seasonal fluctuations can greatly affect your capacity utilisation. Sudden breakdowns can cause significant problems in your warehouse or production environments.

Sudden breakdowns, seasonal fluctuations or unexpected major orders: In such circumstances, you can remain flexible by renting the exact truck capacities that you require. For this purpose, we have access to a fleet of 4000 forklifts for hire – made up of 600 different truck types – available for your immediate use, whenever you require them. You can thus avoid unnecessary overcapacities and reduce expenditure.

Another advantage of rental forklifts is that you do not have to worry about interest, depreciation, insurance premiums and service costs. You are free to hire the perfect forklift for your specific requirements and for the desired timeframe – be it for one day, a week or a whole month. You also benefit from inclusive rates designed for short or longer rental periods. These incorporate all costs for service and usage as well as an optional machine breakdown charge.

Many of the forklift truck we offer for rental are less than one year old and thus always represent the latest state of the art technology and performance.

Our rental trucks are also ideal for testing or demonstration purposes. Requested trucks will generally be on their way to you within two hours and are delivered ready for immediate use with all the necessary equipment for efficient stacking, transporting and storage.

forklift hire from FTW - The Forktruck Warehouse

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If you need a rental forklift for your business simply complete the form and a member of our team will get back to you without delay.

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