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German warehousing technology supplier Jungheinrich was founded in Hamburg in 1953 by Dr-Ing. Friedrich Jungheinrich, an innovative engineer with ambitions to modernise manufacturing processes.

Starting out in a small workshop with a 30-strong team, the group is now Europe’s number one supplier of technology solutions for warehousing, providing diverse solutions from automatic picking to manual forklifts and tow trucks.

The group leveraged Europe’s post-war interest in manufacturing and materials handling efficiencies to grow to its global presence numbering 12,000 employees today and has maintained its passion for innovation and strong work ethic and drive.

The group’s international subsidiary network has a strong European presence, with its UK company dating back to 1963. Today, Jungheinrich’s UK Head Office is in Milton Keynes and is supported by six Customer Service Centres in Warrington, Cumbernauld, Sheffield, Bristol, Birmingham and Dartford. Jungheinrich is committed to efficient manufacturing processes, constantly innovating and developing its products and designs.

Jungheinrich is known for its electric warehouse transportation equipment, supporting unique and diverse warehouse logistics systems with reach trucks, forklifts and more.

The group’s innovations make warehousing logistics easier, from the retractable mast reach truck, invaluable in palletised warehouses, to electrically powered forklifts and stackers.

Passionate about efficient manufacturing and space and energy saving solutions, Jungheinrich continues to develop new solutions to the present day, remaining a world leader in its field.

The group has grown through acquisition as well as organically over more than 50 years. Steinbeck and Boss, acquired in 1994, added expertise in internal combustion engine forklifts and grew the Jungheinrich range and knowledge base, adding new product lines and accelerating the evolution of knowledge and research and development efforts at the company.

Today, Jungheinrich supplies factories, warehouses and retailers all around the world with simple hand pallet trucks, power pallet stackers and trucks, reach trucks, high rack stackers/order pickers, ic-engine versions, counterbalance forklifts and advanced bespoke systems.

Jungheinrich instils confidence in thousands of customers, prioritising safety and efficiency and contributing to manufacturing success around the globe.

Jungheinrich hand pallets are invaluable pieces of equipment for stockrooms and warehouses. The trucks are available in a number of different sizes and suited to various tasks, including lifting high loads and managing extra side pallet loads.

The forklifts have hand pump power components to raise a tapered fork, which is slipped under the load. The hand pallet trucks have easy to use controls that are comfortable for both right and left-handed operators. Available in a range of sizes and weights, the models are easy to manoeuvre and are designed to be easily moved over uneven surfaces.

The hand pallet trucks operate quietly and easily with minimal pumps per raise using fast lift function. Different trucks are designed with unique features best suited to their function.

The Jungheinrich pedestrian pallet truck has been developed to easily move and transport goods in a warehouse setting. Different weight variations, including a lightweight truck managing up to 1,500kg for short distances, are available to facilitate small to medium sized movements.

AC technology makes the pedestrian pallet trucks speedy and energy efficient. Pedestrian trucks are ideal for managing the loading and unloading of heavy good vehicles. Jungheinrich’s models include features such as gel battery, easy manoeuvrability features, additional mask lift and ProTracLink technology. 

The reach trucks in Jungheinrich’s range are designed to provide an agile and reliable service in smaller manufacturing and warehouse settings, where agility is key.

The Jungheinrich reach trucks can lift up to huge heights. Coming in a number of different sizes, the maximum range of up to 13m makes the trucks flexible for use in different settings and for multiple purposes.

Reach trucks work by moving a load back inside a wheelbase so that less of the carried goods protrude from the front. The reach trucks can move quickly and be used indoor and out to lift and reach.

Multidirectional reach trucks allow for easy handling of long loads at elevated heights and in narrow aisles. Ergonomically designed controls allow for easy use in five steering modes.

The multi-directional reach trucks can be used for long durations due to energy efficient engineering, making them a cost-effective piece of equipment, too. The swaying of the mast is reduced using built-in reach cushioning, while Jungheinrich’s curveCONTROL technology automatically reduces speed when approaching corners for safe steering.

Hydrostatic forklifts use engines which cleverly circulate hydraulic fluid to achieve a smooth movement and steady acceleration. The engines are efficient, operating at reduced RPM with less fuel. Jungheinrich’s counterbalance hydrostatic forklifts use hydrostaticDRIVE technology for impressive handling capacity.

Five operating programs means the forklift trucks can be used in various ways to suit different purposes. The trucks have low fuel consumption rates and adjustable axes for safe control. Ergonomically designed for comfortable and convenient use and available in different weight sizes, the workstations are engineered to suit the operator, with adjustable armrests, steering column memory functionality and single point adjustment to controls.

Jungheinrich’s hydrodynamic forklift trucks provide high torque functionality at all speeds. Minimising noise and reducing fuel consumption, the Kubota motor which features in the hydrodynamic forklifts has been designed specifically for use in forklifts.

The engine’s longevity and reliability complement the smooth and efficient engineering of the trucks. The workstation is designed to be comfortable for use by the operator, with a low-vibration cab which is safe and offers visibility in all directions.

The order pickers in Jungheinrich’s range come in a range of different sizes and weight variations to suit all needs and product types. A neat and comfortable workplace allows for efficient order picking, with semi-automatic control via radio control unit available.

The easyPILOT technology allows for remote movement, avoiding the need to board the truck to move the picker. Electric order pickers allow for quick and efficient picking – increasing picking rates means faster overall productivity and reduced costs.

Jungheinrich’s market-leading electric order picker/tri-lateral stacker can be used for two shifts without a battery charge. Safe and efficient, the model’s vibration silencing system works on uneven surfaces, too.

The warehouseNAVIGATION system uses smart technology to eliminate stacking errors and can be personalised to changing warehouse environments and stacking systems over time.

The pickers can be used on pallets of all sizes and the powerful system can handle over 200kg more than Jungheinrich’s previous model, which is testament to the company’s ethos of continuous improvement. The truck uses RFID technology to enable accurate positioning and high-performance manoeuvrability.

Jungheinrich’s small parts order picker can be used in multiple environments as a safe and efficient alternative to ladders. Ideal for use in smaller warehouse and retail environments, the small parts order picker moves quickly, at 8 km/h.

Operator safety is paramount in this model; with automatic closing doors, the machine doesn’t raise until the user is secure. Once inside, the operator can reach heights of over 5m, with the robust steel frame ensuring stability when racking products, relabelling or installing store furnishings.

Automating your order picking process adds a new level of efficiency to your warehousing environment. Jungheinrich’s automated vehicle guiding system builds upon its famed innovation, with super accurate navigation.

A mixed operations mode allows for manual and pedestrian as well as automatic use, to improve efficiency in your logistics process. Laser navigation uses reflectors attached to walls, racking or other physical structures to guide the device, and can be remapped and organised as your warehouse evolves.

Whether you wish to use the device as an automated picker or for manual tasks, the software can be adapted to your needs. Adjustable forks make for maximum flexibility.

The tow tractors manufactured by Jungheinrich allow for efficient and easy mini tow trailing for loads of all different sizes. Tow tractors can be used to move loads as diverse as groceries, furniture, hospital equipment, office furniture and wholesale goods.

Jungheinrich’s unique technology includes curveCONTROL for reduced speeds when manoeuvring around corners, jet PILOT steering, and speed CONTROL for maximum safety. Turning radius is kept small to ensure easy use in confined spaces. Operator efficiency is encouraged, with ergonomic design minimising strain and equipment fitted to the individual user.

Jungheinrich’s flatbed truck systems can be used both indoors and outdoors. Flatbed trucks are perfect for use in maintenance settings or as tow tractors. Heavy load capacity of up to 1.5 tonnes makes the electric flatbed truck a versatile piece of equipment.

As with other Jungheinrich machinery, operator comfort and control is a priority, with a comfort suspension system and hydraulic assisted steering system. The steering wheel and switches are easily accessible and the spacious footwell, accessed via a conveniently low step, is designed to make use easy and strain-free.

LED lighting remains stable, avoiding impact from vibration, while a high top speed is achieved via a 48-V, 3-phase AC motor. Couplings to suit various uses can be attached. Compact tractors allow for use in small spaces, and different trailers can be added and interchanged depending on the loading area or other requirement, from time to time.

jetPILOT steering technology eases operator pressure, allowing for maximum manoeuvrability with minimum effort.

An automatic tow tractor combines mechanical engineering excellence with Jungheinrich’s high-quality navigation technology and safety systems. Facilitating manual as well as automatic use, the Jungheinrich tow tractor can be used in existing warehouse or factory settings or incorporated into design for new buildings; software can be updated and applied to new environments to ensure longevity of use.

Laser technology enables the machine to navigate without the need for floor technology. Laser recognition points can be added to columns, racks and other physical features.

Automated handling using a tow tractor can optimise processes such as production supply, leaving your employees free to focus on different tasks. As with other systems, Jungheinrich’s Logistics Interface integrates the tow tractor seamlessly into your warehousing system.

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