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FTW – The Forktruck Warehouse are experts in managing the international delivery of our products. With over 40 years’ combined experience, we have managed the safe export and transport of used forklift trucks to countries around the globe.

We recognise there are several challenges to delivering world class international forklift delivery but at FTW we have the strategy and experience to overcome them.


Buying equipment in the UK is just the beginning. Getting it to port and shipped to your country cost effectively requires experience and relationships. When the Forktruck Warehouse handles your export logistics, you benefit from our solid relationships and many years of experience in exporting all types of forklift and machinery. We simplify the logistics of getting your purchase home cost-effectively. In addition to coordinating logistics we can arrange for stacking or preparing equipment for shipping.

We help you coordinate

We can offer cost effective ways of preparing the shipment prior to delivery to the port. Such as stacking equipment & securing, stuffing trailers or containers with cargo, or dis-assembly of equipment for shipping.

We can assist in selecting the best route and provide an inland trucking rate to get it to port of export. Our years of experience and relationships in moving equipment allow us a better rate than you may find on your own.

We have the experience exporting equipment and will assist in recommending ports of departure and shipping lines. We will assist in getting you the lowest possible ocean freight rate possible. You pay the shipping line directly or through the freight forwarder.

We have relationships with qualified Freight Forwarders capable of handling all your export documentation needs. The Freight Forwarder also handles clearing Customs.

Need Spare Parts?

Our export focus is also an asset in shipping parts. We can handle air freight of your time sensitive part needs to anywhere in the world. FTW can package and ship your forklift truck parts either air freight or as consolidated cargo via container.

Import processing and import customs clearing is your responsibility.

Forklift Spares

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